Are The Wealthy Happier

An article about the relative happiness of the wealthy.

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2 thoughts on “Are The Wealthy Happier

  1. According to Mills, this article is a huge blow to those of us in the middle class because we HAVE to believe that life is better when rich or else there is no hope.. nothing to strive for in society (basically the opposite of the goal in a Capitalist society). If the rich are not happy, NO ONE can be happy. Further, running with the concepts of one-dimensional thinking, those in the Frankfurt School would say that under Capitalism this just goes to show that you always want what you can't have.. If you aren't rich, than you need to be; if you are.. then you need more!!

    • sociologically speaking happiness is socially constructed! Mere
      economic accumulation is not just the only track to happiness unless it welcomed other life spices!

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