Teaching The Importance of Money

I found this in a supermarket in LA, a claw machine stocked with the normal bevy of stuffed animals and toys, however many of these creatures were also strapped to money. The machine had toys with 5,10, and 20 dollar bills tied to their side. This game is usually meant for kids who seek these stuffed animals as playmates as they create imaginary lives or make believe stories. By placing the money in with the toys, the machine is getting children hooked on capitalism at a very young age.

The kids who may play with this machine are learning about the importance of money before they can understand its context. Instead of simply being happy with one toy they win from the machine, they instead long for the bill that can buy them four more toys. If the quest for money starts when a child plays with this machine, capitalism has managed to turn those who care the least about money, into more consumers who value the dollar above all else.

Questions for Research:

1. What do children think about money in society?

2. Is society attempting to turn making money into a game?

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2 thoughts on “Teaching The Importance of Money

  1. you have it completely wrong, the machine is not intended for kids, its simply a way to skirt gambling laws. with the plush in there alone it probably wasnt make any money the cash it there to attract adults to play the machine.

  2. What is Money? Money is one of wealth. 5 importance of money: 1.it create good health. 2.it helps in making any decision which involve money,done. 3.it make people have respect for us. 4.it make us have peace,when the money is gotten by hard-working. 5.it helps in increasing wisdom because we use money in buying some wisdom. “Wisdom gives wealth and wealth gives wisdom

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