Native Appropriations i am Not a Costume

From our handout today from Native Appropriations run by Adrienne K., a PhD student in Boston, MA, I wanted to share her full blog that may be of interest for your Visual Portfolios, Group Projects, and/or Final Comps projects.

Related to our discussion on Halloween costuming, engaging the “Racial Other“, the history of Blackface in America, and our viewing of Ethnic Notions (1986), I would like you to keep thinking about these questions:

  • What images comprise racist iconography historically and today?
  • Who controls the production and distribution of such images?
  • What purposes or interests do these images serve?
  • What are some modern updates on these examples and/or what are some forms of modern-day minstrelsy?
  • How do these images serve as part of the ideological apparatus that maintains racial and ethnic domination?
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