How do You See Yourself

I think this picture is interesting because it reminded me of a study I did last year for a Psychology major who was studying women’s perception of beauty, weight, and body shape. This image depicts the national average (size 16), Men’s ideal (size 12) and women’s ideal (size 4-8). This relates to Cooley’s looking glass self because women shape themselves based on other people’s perception. In other words people shape themselves based on what other people perceive and confirm other people’s opinion on themselves. I view myself as others other’s do. I may be a size 16, which happens to be the national average but people will perceive me otherwise because I am not the (women’s) ideal size. This can therefore affect me physically and emotionally. I might develop an eating disorder because I’m not happy with how others perceive me, but most importantly because that is how I perceive myself now.

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One thought on “How do You See Yourself

  1. I thought this was really interesting. I had no idea that the ideal size that men think women should be is a size 12. I am constantly worried about my body is being perceived by others and thus have a diminished self-concept. Seeing the disparity between women’s ideal size and men’s ideal size shows that women must be extra hard on their bodies. Then, when we see the disparity between the average size- a 16 and women’s ideal size, there is a really huge gap! I wish that we had more discourses that made it ok for women’s bodies to look like the national average.

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