No Privacy Anywhere

I took these two pictures when I was visiting one of my sorority sisters off campus. After learning about Bentham’s concept of Panoptican Surveillance, it didn’t surprise me that I saw cameras in very corner of her apartment complex including in the elevator and one overseeing the courtyard. This goes to show the power and role panoptical surveillance has in our society today. Every time I visit, I do not know if I am being watched, and for the most part I feel like the landlord just placed them everywhere to keep her 30+ tenants in check but I do not want to be the first to challenge the power or the cameras.

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One thought on “No Privacy Anywhere

  1. This is an interested phenomenon but I am beginning to see cameras everywhere. Sometimes I wonder if they are real or fake, but either way they make you think twice about doing something that you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing if someone was watching. In this regard, I am self-policing even though I am not sure if I am being watched. This is what Foucault described and with new cameras popping up in every corner, we are continually being repressed.

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