Protestors or Black Friday Shoppers

Black Friday Protestors?

I know it’s more than a week after the most American holiday of the year: Black Friday, but this cartoon really made me laugh. As we all know, the Occupy Movement has been going on for months now, and keeps growing, so that whenever we see a bunch of people grouped together in tents, we automatically think that they are part of the Occupy Movement. One of my friends experienced a similar occurrence when he went to downtown LA. He thought people were camped out for the Occupy Movement, but really they were waiting for the midnight screening of Twighlight.

This cartoon is ironic, because the police officer thinks that these people are part of the movement, aka protesting capitalism, but really, they are camped out to get the best deals for Black Friday. It is interesting the great lengths that Americans are willing to go to get something that they truly believe in. We see this in the people who have been protesting the inequality of the 1%, but also for people who will do anything to get a deal on a new 32 inch television or a designer couch.

Here, we first see Marcuse, as Black Friday brings out more and more false needs. We “need” a new iPhone and a gold watch and a pony ect. This cartoon brings in Mills as well, because its main message is that capitalism is still alive and well. We still have the 1%, but as Marcuse would say, we are tricked into thinking that we have the good life- that we can get a large television if we only camp out in front of Best Buy for 48 hours.


1. How are false needs exaggerated during the holiday season, particularly during Black Friday?

2. Why is it that Americans will camp out to fight for equality, but others will camp out so that they can get a good deal on Black Friday?

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2 thoughts on “Protestors or Black Friday Shoppers

  1. I think false needs play an even bigger role in the holiday season because people are not actually buying things to fulfill their own needs, but often just to make others happy on Christmas morning. In fact, most people find that giving people things they actually need makes for a boring gift. There is also a sense that the amount of money you spend reflects how much you care about them. Recall Michael Scott’s (played by Steve Carell) iconic Christmas quote from season 2 of The Office: “Presents are the best way to show someone you care. It is like this tangible thing that you can point to and say, ‘Hey man, I love you this many dollars worth.'” Obviously, Christmas is capitalism at it’s finest/stupidest.

  2. HAHAHA… I used that Office comment on someone else’s profile when talking about false needs! The Office is the Best! Yankee Swap

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