Visual Portfolio

This social media assignment will require you to collect photos/images and write analyses (2-3 paragraphs) of these images to create a 6-8 piece visual portfolio related to each of the social theories we will discuss (similar to a blog). The goal of this assignment is for you to critically analyze and apply sociological theory to new ideas, concepts, images, events, and scenes from social life, etc. Your portfolios should also serve as a site to begin exploring topics and incubating research questions for your comps project. You will be required to post your portfolio pieces each week on the course website and give a 3-minute professional presentation to the class that either 1) showcases your best work or 2) teaches the class about a social theorist we have not devoted any significant attention to this semester. Additional details on the visual portfolio projects are available on Coursekit and at the link here. Individual visual portfolio projects will count toward 50 points of your final grade.