Feigning Intelligence

Joey Writes A Letter

In this clip from the tv show Friends, Joey writes a letter of recommendation addressed to an adoption agency for Chandler and Monica, because they are looking to adopt kids. Joey tries to seem much smarter than he actually is and per Ross’s suggestion, uses a thesaurus to make his letter sound more intelligent. In the end, he ends us translating all the words in his letter to the point that they don’t make any sense. This goes along with much of Chapter 1: Performances of Goffman’s Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, particularly when Goffman mentions that there is an idealization of social mobility, and the lower caste imitates the higher class.

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Hollywood And Racism

music video: African Child                                                                                  lyrics:  http://lyrics.wikia.com/Infant_Sorrow:African_Child_(Trapped_In_Me)                                                                                                                                    This music video was performed by British rock star Aldous Snow, a fictional character from 2010’s hit comedy movie “Get Him to the Greek”. This music video showcases explicit racism in a very satirical fashion. Some of the lyrics include:

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Is Dora Growing up Too Soon

This is a picture I found on the internet this past summer. of 2011 I was surprised to see that Dora’s entire look and wardrobe have been completely revamped, and I wonder why this was necessary if the target audience of this show has pretty much been the same throughout the show’s airing.I am not particularly a fan of Dora, but this is a show that my younger sister and younger cousins used to watch. Therefore, I have come to associate it with their generation. It came out in about 2000, and had slowly gained popularity worldwide due to its interactive nature. Young children are able to relate with Dora because she is very similar to them. She dresses up in colorful clothes, plays outside and is not afraid to go on adventures with her pal Boots.

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