Sexualization of Women as Children


In our society, women are socialized to be soft, and innocent in comparison to men. In fact, it seems as if we have grown so contingent upon women being innocent that is almost acceptable for them to resemble children. The “sexy school girl” outfit is one of the many indicators of how the sexualization of women as child like is presumed as sexy.

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Who’s Size Barbie

A couple days ago, somehow my mom and I started talking about my child hood obsession with Barbie. Even though I owned all types of  Barbie dolls, accessories, cars, and houses I owned, I realized that I never owned a My Size Barbie, so of course I had to ask why. My mom then informed me that even though I didn’t have much in common with the other dolls, it wasn’t as big of deal, but she did not want to buy a My Size Barbie, for the simple fact that they were not “my size” (or anyone else’s for that matter).

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Our Not so Favorite Team

The Kardashian Klan: Either you love them or hate them. Despite these four women being family, they are a team. They play multiple roles within in their family and their professional lives, and yet all of their roles coexist within one another. During Kim’s recent divorce this family/team came together in their collective roles to help heal their hurting member.  Goffman uses the term “‘team’ to refer to any set of individuals who co-operate in staging a single routine” (79). Although they are working together, the Kardashian family is working to stage a routine that not only portrays them as a typical family, but that also acknowledges their wealth and fame.

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Capitalism Consumerism And Structuralism

Structuralism proves that there are structures set up that guide life and values. With these structures set into place, most people are not given the opportunity to do things freely because they are forced to abide by these already made structures. For example, the girl who is young enough to fit into these little outfits, have no chance at forming their own [future] opinions of their favorite college football teams or even their potential college. Instead, they are being socialized at a young age to either be Trojan or Bruin fans. These uniforms show just how structures are placed on individuals. The children for example, are introduced into these structures so early; they are essentially forced to assimilate into either the UCLA or USC culture.

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