The Trenchcoat Mafia Presents Cartoons And Social Theory

Trenchcoat Mafia decided that for our Group Project, we would focus on looking for sociological concepts in children’s popular cartoons from the 90’s. Each person chose a cartoon and a theory we learned from class to focus on and write a short blog post on what we found when we applied sociological analysis and concepts. After all, cartoons are a great way to educate and socialize young kids to our society’s invisible social rules and standards. Each cartoon we studied is a great resource for applying many of the concepts we learned from class, ranging from Weber’s conception of authority to Marcuse’s one-dimensional thought. The following links below will take you to the blog posts each of us wrote about our chosen cartoon, click on them to read about what we found and how it relates to social theory:

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Politicians or Nascar Drivers

When politicians are given this much money from specific groups, are they really representing the interests of the people? What would politics look like if candidates had to be open about their sponsors? We used Open Secrets and Business Insider to find out!

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Alley Cats Group Project Video Portion

Our group project on false needs highlights the dorm life of one of our fellow classmates.  Does Ryan have too much “stuff?” How materialistically engaged is he? Watch and find out. Maybe this video will help you reflect on your own personal belongings, especially during the holiday season.

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