Deviance And West Memphis Three

From WebMD: Examining The Tragedy In Robin Hood Hills Through A Sociological Lens: The West Memphis Three

Our Prezi:

Objectives of the Project:

  1. Through our project, we hoped to raise awareness around the dangers of applying the label “deviant” to certain individuals in society. After watching the documentary, “Paradise Lost,” we as a group saw the horrifying consequences of social deviance in the lives of three young men in West Memphis, Arkansas. We hope that our presentation encourages people to think critically about their social actions.
  2. We also sought educate our peers about the relevance of sociological theory in everyday life. While we focused on deviance, we hope that our peers and classmates will make the connection that many sociological theories can be applied current events depicted in the media.


  1. We thought that the project was successful in numerous ways. Firstly, it forced us to work and communicate as a group, a skill we will definitely need later in life. Also, we were able to utilize the power of social media and explore its many uses beyond chatting with friends. We witnessed its capacity to inform a large volume of people. The fact that this case is currently in the media definitely heightened both our own and the public’s interest in the topic. In short, we found the project to be a success despite its hardships in reaching a wide demographic.
  2. We learned to work successfully in our group. We also learned about a variety of social media platforms like Voicethread and Prezi. While we couldn’t use all of these, we learned their ins and outs and plan on utilizing them in the future. More obviously, we learned a lot about deviance and applying social theory to every day life.
  3. This project challenged each of us as individuals to question what we view as deviant and how these assessments might affect a greater whole.  Our project also made us think about and analyze the role of hysteria in current events. After seeing how the public so quickly followed false media reports, it made us wary of the lies we could be viewing. We concluded that we must always be thinking critically about the information we are receiving and disseminating.

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