False Needs And Consumerism

From The Alley Cats Strike Back:

Our Prezi:

Our Video:

Objectives of Our Project:

  1. To apply Marcuse’s theories about false needs and consumerism to today’s current climate of advertising.
  2. To involve ourselves in the examination and focus on how even students educated in sociology can still not help being influenced by the media.
  3. To examine how much of what we own is consumer driven.
  4. To present the public with a message on how to be aware of false needs.


  1. We successfully disassembled one of our group member’s room to relay the message of how controlling false needs are in our current capitalist society.
  2. We were also able to publicly share this message by posting our video on YouTube as well as creating a presentation on Prezi.
  3. Our group learned about how to create a sociological project testing a specific theory, which included creating a unique concept as well as learning how to share it with the public.Not only did we learn more about the extent of consumerism, but we also became more familiar with social media.
  4. This project challenged our group’s thinking about social theory and social problems because it really pushed us to consider a current issue that could illustrate a sociological concept that we have discussed in class. It also made us consider our own lives and how we ourselves are influenced by consumerism, which made it a much more personal project to dive deep into our own belongings. Another way in which we were challenged critically was by making sure that we had a message to go along with our findings, which made the project more meaningful but also potentially useful to the public.

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