Halloween Racial Costuming

From the Angry Crayons:

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Our Petition:

The history of racial and ethnic costuming shows that it is not an innocent act without consequences. For this reason, we ask that people join us in agreeing not to participate in this harmful practice.

Objectives of Our Project:

The objective of our project is to inform those around us that racial costuming is not simply “just for fun”, but has a dark history, powerful implications, and harsh consequences. Costuming is often used as a way of to exploit the cultural history of a given group of people and this often goes overlooked in a society that is founded on the notion of free speech. Our goal is to help others see the costs that marginalized groups have to deal with every time that people wear these costumes, which are detrimental to an entire culture’s well-being/ perception of self. The hope is that after seeing this they will stand with our pledge to not wear cultural costumes and inform others of the offensive nature of these costumes.


  1. We think it was successful given the amount of time we had to get everyone to see it, especially considering that this time occurred over Thanksgiving break. We had a large number of views and came close to reaching our target number of signatures. Many people commented on our Facebook posts saying that they appreciated the information so we feel that we were able to successfully inform people about an important topic.
  2. We learned that it’s difficult to get people to pay attention to the topics that we think are important, especially if the topic is challenging, such as race. People were not very open to discussing our project. They would look at it and comment that they liked it, but resisted actually opening up a discussion about racial costuming.
  3. The project challenged the groups thinking about social problems by forcing us to critically analyze how race is seen in our culture. It forced us to look at what our society deems as acceptable to wear one day out of the year and look into the history of these costumes and the consequences the consequences that follow these costumes.



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