Occupy Oxy Library

From Weber’s Neighbors:

Our Prezi:

Objectives of Our Project:

  1. To better understand the ethnomethodology within Occidental College.
  2. To observe the reactions of deviating from traditional social norms in the Oxy library.


1. As a group, we feel that our project was successful for a variety
of reasons. Our breaching experiments were witnessed by many people in
the library who had very interesting reactions. Our survey and
Facebook questions were viewed by Oxy students who gave us useful
responses. Our Prezi included a summary of our experiments with
pictures and reactions, which allows the public to see what our
experiments consisted of. We have our Prezi on the course website and
on Facebook which allows many people to view our project and better
understand ethnomethodology and Oxy norms.

2. From completing this project, we have learned that engaging in
breaching experiments is actually very difficult because deviating
from social norms can be anxiety provoking and uncomfortable. We
experienced many different reactions from viewers which taught us a
lot about Oxy norms and social norms in general. We learned about
working together and evenly distributing the work that needed to be
done. In order to meet deadlines we needed to be in constant
communication and we all needed to be reliable and responsible. We
learned how to use Prezi, which is a very useful tool that creates
very visually appealing presentations….

3.The project challenged the group’s thinking about social theory
and social problems because we had a first hand experience in
completing breaching experiments, which changed our understanding of
deviating from social norms. We thought that breaching experiments
would be a great way to understand Oxy norms, but we hadn’t discussed
how uncomfortable we’d feel completing them. It was very anxiety
provoking to deviate from social norms in such a public space as the
library. Even though Oxy is much more accepting of strange behavior,
our experiments still evoked certain types of reactions which drew a
lot of attention to us. In addition, we learned more about the fact
that norms can shift in different places. Social norms are not the
same in every place, therefore what is normal at Oxy may be very
different from what is normal at another college or any other


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