Presidential Political Nascar 2012

From Weber’s Neighbors:

Our Presentation or see all 13 at our original post: Politicians or Nascar Drivers?


Objectives of Our Project:

  1. Gain knowledge about political candidates’ corporate sponsors.
  2. Spread the knowledge about how candidates get their money for their campaigns.
  3. Raise the question of whether politicians are working for the people or if they are working for corporations.


  1. We were really proud of our final result. It was exactly what we wanted our project to look like. We just wish that we had more time for our project to be viewed by the public, so that we could have gotten some feedback.
  2. We learned that Photoshop is very time consuming. We also learned quite a bit about how money is given to political candidates and how money is a form of speech.
  3. The idea for the project came about from the in-class debate about corporations and taxes from various standpoints, including a politician’s standpoint. We thought about politicians’ incentives from a new standpoint.

We used these two resources to create our work: Open Secrets and Business Insider.

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