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Objectives of Our Project:

  1. To observe if being by yourself versus being in a group influences your ability to help another person in a given situation
  2. To understand how diffusion of responsibility plays into everyday life
  3. To record if peoples responses were different as a result of the apparent social class of the “criminal” as seen by their clothing


  1. Overall our project turned out pretty well. It was surprising to observe the different reactions of our subjects. The experiment was very well put together and we were able to obtain firsthand responses from our subjects through questions and conversation after the fact. The setting however may have limited the results of our experiment. The fact that our experiment took place on campus limited the experiment for a few reasons, first of all there were a few trials where individuals in our group knew or were familiar with our subjects. Second, the safety of a small liberal arts college campus could cause individuals to act up when otherwise they would not. Either subject would refrain from speaking up because they caught on to the experiment due to the coincidental nature of it, or subjects would speak up because they feel safer and more judicial than out of our campus. To improve this experiment we would first increase the number of trials and introduce many more variable like race, gender or class. We would also take the experiment off-campus and see how it plays out in the real world using subjects of all ages and occupations.
  2. Upon completing the project we learned that if the thief was in casual clothes     it was more likely that subjects would react. In addition it was more likely for a group to react than an individual. Though both of the above statements were true in our experiment, the amount of experiments we did was not large enough to definitely conclude general reactions to violations of social rules. In terms of the project itself all of the members gained knowledge in slideshows and how to use social media as both of the components of the project were new to us all.
  3. Our group brought attention to the triviality of some social rules. It was interesting to watch several theories coming to life before our eyes…. Situations like Kitty’s can happen at any time for no other reason than others were watching. This also helps us understand other social phenomenon where groups or crowds are involved and how certain emotions diffuse across group settings.

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