Who Does The Culture Industry Really Benefit

Immortal Technique’s, “The Poverty of Philosophy”, addresses how the capitalist system has kept the proletariat subservient instead of being self-determined. In the song, he states, “No matter how much you want to dye your hair blonde and put fake eyes in, or follow an anorexic standard of beauty, or no matter how many diamonds you buy from people who exploit your own brutally to get them, no matter what kind of car you drive or what kind of fancy clothes you put on-you will never be them”. Society trains and deceives you to desire these false needs, but in reality the citizens who hold the wealth and power in America will always look at the proletariat as inferior.

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The Frankfurt School Critical Theory

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Frankfurt School

This is a cartoon depiction of four important theorists involved in the Frankfurt School of Social Theory. (Clockwise from top right: Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin, Felix Weil). Those affiliated with the Frankfurt School thought that some Marxist followers took too much of a narrow view on Marxist ideology. They believed some Marxist ideas could not explain aspects of contemporary capitalist societies. As a result, they theorized about ways to transcend ideas of capitalism and socialism to form a new hypothesis about how contemporary societies function.

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