8220;education Not Incarceration!” Are Prisons False Needs

I took this photo outside of Chuco’s Justice Center, which is a youth and community space, located in Inglewood, that works to challenge criminalizing youth of color, police brutality, and the expansion of the prison industrial complex. This photo is part of a large mural painted on the front of the building, and its main message is: “Education NOT Incarceration!”

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Seeing Results is Not The Best Motivation

Signs and advertisements like these are so common in America that some people may think nobody pays attention to them at all.  But based on the simple fact that we do continuously see these, means that people do support programs like this on a steady basis or else they wouldn’t be so common.  What type of people would partake in these often ineffective weight loss and strength gain programs you may ask?  Many types and here is why.

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Black Friday Shopping Anyone

This video of customers rushing into Best Buy on Black Friday clearly demonstrates Repressive Tolerance (Frankfurt School), or the notion that the proletariat are living the “good life” so individuals lose motivation to question things. Society and the culture industry determine the working class’ false needs and convince them that materialistic objects will fulfill their happiness. It’s amazing to see in just 1 minute and 27 seconds how many customers enter the store. What will it take to make consumers realize they are being manipulated by the culture industry and the power elite?

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