The Front Stage Marc Jacobs Rat Trojan Man And Dramaturgy

These are pictures that I took on two separate occasions, both of which I think display Goffman’s ideas of Dramaturgy and the Front and Back Stage Self. Dramaturgy is essentially the idea that life is a series of performances; people are constantly performing for one another. Individuals are all actors on theoretical stages with costumes, props, etc. These photos that I took of the Marc By Marc Jacobs rat and the Roman Coliseum Trojan man are exaggerated representations of Dramaturgy, for these people dressed in costumes are literally performing for an audience. However, even out of costume, these individuals perform based on the different roles they are constantly juggling. For example, the Trojan man clearly performs differently when he is in his Trojan costume compared to when he is out of costume (or at least one would hope…). Further, perhaps the Marc Jacobs rat is an employee of the Marc Jacobs store and performs differently when he is out of his rat costume and working at the register. In both cases, he is performing, but he performs differently in both situations.

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