The Performance of Advertisements

While driving through Hollywood on my way to work, I was prompted to take this photo (while stopped in bumper to bumper traffic of course) because it triggered my memory of several important theorists that we have studied in this course. Goffman, Marx and Marcuse all came to mind as I watched these proletariats hanging off the side of a skyscraper on a rickety scaffold to replace the enormous advertisement from Activate Water to TV Land. This advertisement will likely generate money for TV Land, the actress displayed on the front, the owner of the building, and anyone else involved in the production of the show. I’m not sure how much these workers are paid but considering how much revenue is likely generated, I’m guessing they are not being paid nearly enough for all the risks that are involved in the work. Hence, it’s a great example of Marx’s theory on the exploitation of the worker to ensure that the capitalist makes a profit and the consumer continues fueling the vicious cycle of capitalism. 

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Debbie Forgets Her Audience

My friend, a crazy cat lady in her own right, showed me this video. Here, Debbie puts forth her eharmony video meant to attract a suitor. Previously in class, we have talked about how people project Mead’s “me” in these types of videos. One’s “me” is influenced by how you believe others will view you, while your “I” is how you uncloudedly view yourself. We expect that in a view meant to attract people, Debbie would think about the way others will view her and act accordingly.

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Princess For A(nother Day

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. In fact, I usually start thinking of my next Halloween costume(s) the day after Halloween…or even on it (so yes, I knew what I was going to be for Halloween 2011 on Halloween 2010). I guess when I say favorite holiday, I really mean I’m obsessed. Anyway, this year I had a different costume for each day of Halloween weekend (often referred to as Halloweekend), and one for Halloween itself. Respectively, I was a devil, Mother Nature, and the pink princess from the board game Pretty, Pretty Princess. Needless to say, when I found out that we could wear our Halloween costumes to class on Tuesday (Halloween was on Monday this year) for a breeching experiment, I jumped on the opportunity. I’ll do anything to make Halloween last longer. Tuesday morning, I happily put on the princess costume that I had worn the night before and left for class.

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Straight to Jail Performances And Repressive Tolerance

I was watching Parks and Recreation in my quad today when I saw this clip. I was unable to find the whole scene on youtube but prior to this comment Leslie Knope (the main character) had held a public forum where people got very upset and started yelling at the government officials. The man talking, a visiting official from Venezuela, goes on about how he is appalled that people were not arrested for this kind of action.

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Examining The Tragedy in Robin Hood Hills Through a Sociological Lens The West Memphis Three

By WEBmd

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