Sexualization of Women as Children


In our society, women are socialized to be soft, and innocent in comparison to men. In fact, it seems as if we have grown so contingent upon women being innocent that is almost acceptable for them to resemble children. The “sexy school girl” outfit is one of the many indicators of how the sexualization of women as child like is presumed as sexy.

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Secretive Female Habitus

 This picture was taken in my very room. The scene was set one frantic morning when I tore apart my makeup drawer looking for a certain color eye shadow. I realized as I was going about my morning routine that I was acting out a form of female habitus. Every morning as I put on my makeup and do my hair, I am a exhibiting a prime example of how my body and its knowledges have been shaped by a lifetime of physical repetition. Putting on my eyeliner, the exact shape I draw is something my body knows how to do and my conscious brain is not even aware of. When I act out these redundant grooming routines, I am not only performing mindless cultural rituals sold to me by glossy television shows or shiny makeup stores, I am also working on my embodied capital.

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Imaginary Security System

Our landlord isn’t too concerned with her tenant’s wellbeing.  This is the imaginary alarm system protecting my house. Although it is still hooked up to the electricity and appears to be functional, in reality it hasn’t worked in twenty years. This keypad and warning sign are two of many strategically placed devices that relate a message to potential intruders that this house is under constant surveillance. All the windows have a circular monitor on them connected to a wire insinuating that an alarm would sound if any windows were broken. Another blinking keypad lies right within view through the front window. These devices certainly served a tangible purpose in the early 90’s, but now only help to persist Bentham’s idea of panoptical surveillance. Hopefully, the fake system serves to frighten away thieves or criminals by creating a false sense of surveillance and a gamble that many intruders would not risk.

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