Truck Nuts

This is a car that I took a picture of in front of Starbucks. Before this year I have never seen this before. There are so many things we can say about this phenomenon. For those of you that don’t know, there is a trend out there of people, mostly men I image, putting these plastic “balls” on the back of their trucks. Honestly, this trend seems a little ridiculous to me, why would anyone want to portray themselves as a douche-bag? After I thought about it for a minute the first concept that came to my mind was the idea of dramaturgy. If the whole worlds a stage, and everything we do is in anticipation of others, what does this say about the driver of this awful truck? The driver presents this image to every driver that follows behind him which is also another sexual metaphor. That fact that men put these balls on trucks just furthers to instill the idea that large, strong things are masculine and should have a ball sack. This also screams Mead’s “me” because who is this for but other people? Only other drivers can see these balls, not ever the owner of them.

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