Consolidation of Power

                                                                                                          Here we see an image of a standard corporate logo promoting a special discount offer.  A striking difference with this advertisement is that two corporations very irrelevant to each other (Jiffy Lube and Jack in the Box) are mutually making a special offer.  This billboard represents a growing trend with large companies, especially restaurants that are consolidating.  C. Wright Mills explains this trend as a common theme within the power elite.  Bureaucratization, a term concept developed by Max Weber, allows their companies to further grow and align with partnering corporations and goverment agencies to secure their wealth.  The Power Elite is a very exclusive class and as Mills claims, the group wants to keep it that way.  By witnessing large companies join forces, the growing consolidation contributes even more to a hierarchal bureaucracy that is being formed in the United States.  Corporations are continually growing and gaining political support now due to their greater economic influence.

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President Obama’S “Millionaire Tax” = Class Warfare?

From the LA Times, the GOP lambasts President Obama’s proposal for a new tax for individuals making over $1 million or more as “class warfare.” Thoughts?

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