Straight to Jail Performances And Repressive Tolerance

I was watching Parks and Recreation in my quad today when I saw this clip. I was unable to find the whole scene on youtube but prior to this comment Leslie Knope (the main character) had held a public forum where people got very upset and started yelling at the government officials. The man talking, a visiting official from Venezuela, goes on about how he is appalled that people were not arrested for this kind of action.

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Black Friday Shopping Anyone

This video of customers rushing into Best Buy on Black Friday clearly demonstrates Repressive Tolerance (Frankfurt School), or the notion that the proletariat are living the “good life” so individuals lose motivation to question things. Society and the culture industry determine the working class’ false needs and convince them that materialistic objects will fulfill their happiness. It’s amazing to see in just 1 minute and 27 seconds how many customers enter the store. What will it take to make consumers realize they are being manipulated by the culture industry and the power elite?

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Movie Theater Experiment

This video is a pretty funny experiment where stereotypes about bikers are broken.  Although it is an advertisement, the message behind the video is significant.This video can be related to a number of different sociological theories, but the one I want to talk about goes beyond the semantics of the ad, and focuses on the creation of the ad itself.

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Capitalism Putting a Price on Heartbreak

This picture was taken out in LA. A few things stood out as relating to what we have learned about the capitalistic society. First the loss of individuality and individual feelings. The bold declarations of the prices for divorce, incorporation and living trust seem almost blasphemous, as they simplify and put prices on situations that are extremely personal and emotional. This would have to do with rationality, the idea discussed by Weber. Instead of reacting to the emotional aspects of divorce, this service advertises its prices rather than its support or empathy.

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The Frankfurt School Critical Theory

From our discussion this week on the contributions to 20th Century social theory by the Frankfurt School. Continue reading

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