Cheez-it Stereotyping in Symbolism

As I often do while snacking from a container, I absentmindedly contemplated the back of this Cheez-It box until I realized exactly what I was reading. The top of the box sports lettering saying “Introducing Cheese High’s Graduating Class.” Beneath this, there are nine alternative Cheez-It flavors, each represented by a round of cheese with a personified characteristic. Although clearly the advertising for different flavors is attempting to garner audience amusement, many of the characteristics of “students” are offensively stereotyped. This is interesting because the advertising plays right into our innate agreement with these societal stereotypes. The Cheez-It company is not making any absurd or offensive statements by representing the low-fat cheddar variety by a chunk of cheese sporting a sweatband and saying “Does this make my cheese look big?”; however, while trying to be funny and sell other products, the advertising of this common snack reveals the societal stereotypes that we often take for granted.

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Using Spoken Word to Challenge Today’s 8220;racialized Social System”

Super Negro – Al B Back

This is a video of Def Jam spoken word poet, Al B Back, reciting his poem, “Super Negro.” Here, he presents a satire of the racial prejudices he has encountered as a black man in today’s society and how they have given him “supernatural powers.”

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