8220;nouveau-poor” And What They Say About us

This satirical video produced by The Onion pokes fun at the lower class by looking at them in the ways we could examine the wealthy and power elite. Through this lens, our question from class about who works harder, the rich or the poor, seems trivial. I think it is important to notice the irony of the “issues” discussed: if we were talking about the Nouveau-riche, questions of culture, class, and history would be at the forefront of the discussion. Examining the “Nouveau-poor”, however, it is clear we care more about their relationship to the other classes, rather than their relationships within their class. Thus, social inequality is seen in something as simple as the way we study the classes and their dynamics to both themselves and other classes.

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The Power Elite a Bug’s Life

I thought this would be a fun to way to introduce the idea of the power elite. It takes a children’s movie (A Bugs Life) and paints the grasshoppers as the power elite and the ants as the proletariate. It’s done in association with the Venus Project, which is, as I understand it, a non-profit group that fights for all forms of human rights.

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