Too Efficient

                                                 This picture taken above shows a popular trend across Colorado Boulevard.  Over the past several weeks, construction workers have been resurfacing the roads and repainting the lane lines throughout various parts of the road near Occidental College’s campus.  I did not think much of this event until a car in front of me did not notice the construction, and escaped a near accident.  This event instantly brings up Weber’s studies on the Protestant Work Ethic.  In spite of the increased efficiency by working with reduced traffic at night, the road workers are putting drivers at risk.  With the lack of warning signs, the driver in front of me could not visibly see the workers and their equipment.
 This desire, especially in the United States to maximize time and profit, is growing to an overwhelming extent.  Our community has grown too much into a goal-oriented society.  The final result is all the road workers can visualize without thinking of the liability towards reaching their end goal.  Profit is taking priority over safety.  Based on this almost disastrous event, I ask: 1) Is a goal-oriented society sustainable despite the lack of safety measures? 2) How is the United States perceived by the rest of the world as being a goal-oriented society?

Capitalism Putting a Price on Heartbreak

This picture was taken out in LA. A few things stood out as relating to what we have learned about the capitalistic society. First the loss of individuality and individual feelings. The bold declarations of the prices for divorce, incorporation and living trust seem almost blasphemous, as they simplify and put prices on situations that are extremely personal and emotional. This would have to do with rationality, the idea discussed by Weber. Instead of reacting to the emotional aspects of divorce, this service advertises its prices rather than its support or empathy.

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Charismatic Authority in Action

Quick background: Joyce Meyer is an international Christian speaker and author. She has a television broadcast, hosts conventions year-round within the U.S. and travels to various countries abroad with her messages, even having them translated in nearly fifty languages. Her ministry teaches Christian doctrines as well as conducts hands-on community outreach programs such as disaster relief, Human Trafficking Rescue, Medical and Prison missions, etc.

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Revisiting The Classics The Big Three And Others

Here are some of the major concepts we have encountered in discussing and reading about the work of classical theorists such as Weber, Marx, Durkheim, Du Bois, Lorde, and others.

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